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About Tal Depot

Tal Depot is about more than just great snacks and your favorite drinks. We're about making time for the important things in life. Shoppers spend over 40 minutes each week on traditional grocery shopping, and that doesn't factor in the commute to and from your local grocery stores. That time could be used to do the things you want, and Tal Depot is here to make that freedom possible.

Shopping online for the snacks and drinks you use every day just makes sense to the folks who started this company. Buying your groceries online means less schlepping and more peace of mind knowing that we're stocked with the things you need.

Jeremy and Seth started Tal Depot's online storefront in 2012; they have since provided service to over a million satisfied customers worldwide. With quality of experience always on our minds, Tal Depot continues to revolutionize the way we shop for groceries. We offer a wide selection of snacks, drinks, and continue to grow our catalog of niche gourmet grocery items.

We found that giving our customers the attention and care that they deserve has helped us forge relationships with some of the best shoppers around the world. Tal Depot's free shipping and return policies are easy to understand and simple to navigate, so shopping with us is seamless. Our team has decades of combined industry knowledge and takes pride in providing excellent customer service. We always want to hear from you, and we urge our customers to contact us at any time. Thank you for your support, and welcome to Tal Depot!

    • Born shortly after - 1984
    • Successfully acquired every Lego in their Spring catalog - 1994
    • Started college at NYIT and met Seth, swore he would never work with him - 2006
    • Began career in architecture - 2007
    • Studied abroad after getting married, realized how much he loved the U.S. - 2008
    • Co-founded Tal Depot along with Seth - 2012

    Jeremy J. Reichmann - CEO

    • Born - 1983
    • Become an avid Buffalo Bills fan- 1990 (regretted this decision ever since)
    • Won Elementary School's Geography Bee 1994
    • Met Jeremy J Reichmann, and knew he would work with him in the future- 2006
    • Graduated Queens College with a degree in Economics - 2008
    • Co-founded Tal Depot along with Jeremy- 2012

    Seth Yanofsky - COO

    • Born 5 years after Jeremy - Shortly after 1989
    • Watched all of the Lord of The Rings movies in one sitting - 2007
    • Volunteered for Chai Lifeline - 2010 - 2013
    • Went backpacking across Europe 2012
    • Joined the Team at Tal Depot - 2012
    • Volunteer EMS, on call 24/7 - 2013 - Present

    Albert Reichmann - Supply Chain Manager

    • Born many years before Jeremy
    • Won camper of the year in 1999
    • Joined Tal Depot - July 2015
    • Graduated Touro College in 2015 with a degree in finance 
    • Never won a softball championship

    Daniel Braun - Interim CFO/President of Sales

    • Born in the beautiful summer of 1984
    • Crowned champion ping pong player in high school ( only 5 other players were involved ) - 2001
    • Joined the Team at Tal Depot - 2012
    • Obsessed with Duke Basketball, 7/11 and - Fall of 1984 - Current
    • Enjoys extremely short walks on the beach - 1986 - Current

    Yoni Mandel - Office Manager/Social Media Manager

    • Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY
    • Favorite color is green
    • Biggest Lebron James fan in New York
    • Started as an Entry Level Employee and worked my way up to lead
    • Joined Tal Depot in May 2014

    Ivon Louis - Quality Assurance Specialist

    • Worked in the cigar industry
    • Enjoys archery in spare time
    • Moved from Florida in september of 2017
    • Enjoys weightlifting after work

    Michael Cybulski - Warehouse Logistical Support Agent